This is a two or three-term French course for beginners taught at the Palmer-Tomkinson Centre, Longslade Community College in Birstall, Leicester.



If you already have some knowledge of French, you are welcome to join the class in Term 2 or 3. Also, based on the topics or grammar points you are interested in you can choose to just attend a specific term. In which case you are welcome to contact me for further details.



If you would like to just take a few lessons in order to get by during your holiday in France, then attending Term 1 should be enough. 



Places are limited as there is a maximum size class of 8 students, so please do register early to avoid any disappointment.


Specific topics includeGreetings; introducing oneself; the alphabet; definite and indefinite articles; formal and informal tu v vous; countries; nationalities and jobs; gender and adjectives; plurals; present tense of regular verbs; irregular verbs être and avoir; negative sentences; numbers up to 100; your age; talking about your family; possessive adjectives; prepositions au, aux, en, du etc; days of the week; time; around the house (locating with sur, à côté de etc) ; day-to-day activities; understanding and giving directions; booking a hotel room; reflexive verbs; irregular verbs faire, aller, venir, vouloir, pouvoir, devoir, savoir; the imperative; foods and drinks; shops; some adverbs (often, never, always); likes and dislikes; interrogative pronouns (how, when, how much, where etc); hobbies; inviting someone and fixing an appointment; at the doctor's; introduction of the future and past (passé composé) tense.



Dates WeeksFees
Term 112 October - 14 December 201610£200
Term 211 January - 22 March 201711£220
Term 326 April - 28 June 201710£200

In order to register for the term(s) you are interested in, please contact me and I will email you an enrolment form to be downloaded, completed and send back to me along with a booking fee of £50 to secure your place.





A non-refundable booking fee of £50 must be paid at the time of application for the term that you take. That term's course fees, minus the £50 booking fee, must then be paid no later than 1 week before the start date of your term. Following that, the fees for each term must be paid in full no later than 1 week before the start of that term. 

Requests to withdraw from the course must be made in writing no less than 1 week before the start of the term that you are withdrawing from in order to receive a refund of that term's fees, minus the £50 booking fee if applicable. No money will be refunded for requests made less than 1 week before the term start date regardless of attendance on the course.


Booking fee will be refunded should the course be cancelled.