Taking lessons with friends or colleagues is a fun and cost effective way to learn French. Group lessons are perfect for families, friends or work colleagues who are looking to learn French. 


Those learning French on a 1:1 basis will naturally make much faster progress, as the course will be designed around their individual needs and focus on their particular strengths and weaknesses.                  


These courses may be taken at my office in Birstall (LE4 3LU), at your home or your office and you may choose to take one-to-one courses for business, academic or general purposes.

One-to-one courses allow your teacher:  

- to design a tailor-made study plan according to personal needs  

- to modify pace and teaching techniques in accordance with the client's learning style 

- to concentrate on individual areas of weakness  

- to provide continuous and in-depth feedback on the client's progress


I'm available throughout the day, during the evening and also on weekends. The standard group French lesson is 1 hour but lessons of longer duration can be arranged.  

I'll discuss with you your aims and reasons for wanting to learn French. I can then teach your group at your home or office from as little as £10 each per hour at a time of your choosing. 

So why not still take advantage of my affordable group rates by finding some friends or colleagues and starting your own group!